How to identify website wise resource consumption

Here I will like to share “how to identify website wise resource consumption from task manager”/ “how to assign application pool wise user identity in IIS”.

 Suppose we have two sites using individual application pool running on an IIS server, sometime it may need to know the resource consumption of the sites we can find that from task manager process tab as below picture: 

Resource consumption of websites          Resource consumption of websites

 The problem is that it contains two worker processes for the two sites there is no way to identify which one belongs to which website.

 So we need a way to differentiate the websites in the task manager, we can do this by assigning different users for each website application pool (have to create and use website wise application pools and application pool wise users).The following steps will help to do this : 

  • First have to create user and this user have to add to the groups IIS_WPG and Administrator. The procedure to create user and adding them to the groups are given below:

              ü      Go to computer management expand the node system tools, expand Local Users and Groups , right click  on Users and select New User a window will open provide the necessary information and click the create  button the user will create. 

Create User

 Create User

                ü      Right click on the newly created user select Properties and go to the Member Of tab click the add button a window will come click Advanced button now click find and select Administrator and IIS_WPG groups and click ok. Click ok to all other window to close. So now the user is created and added to the groups Administrator and IIS_WPG

Assigning roles to user Assigning roles to user
  • Go to the application pool for which you want to assign the user right click and go to the properties go to the identity tab and select the radio button labeled Configurable and in the User name text box provide the newly created user name with the computer name (Example: Computername\UserName) and in the Password text box provide the user’s password and apply the changes. 
Assigning a user to a application pool Assigning a user to a application pool
  • Restart the application pool.
  •  Browse the two sites that use the application pools.
  • Go to task manager there should be some w3wp.exe process and its user name should be the newly created user. So now it’s possible to identify the website application pool using the user name and it possible to find out how much resource each website consuming. 
Now can indentify webisites by the users Now can indentify webisites by the Users

  So now it’s very easy to identify which site is taking how much resources.


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