Can’t connect to remote sql server

Sometime we fail to connect  SQL Server(both by application and by local sql server) installed on remote machine . We do try by chnaging connection string and enbling and disabling a lot of option in the server but can’t fix.

I my self face that problem and after trying a lot of things solve that. I found there are two settings related to that by enbling these we can access the server remotely.

1. Go to the server machine open SQL server management studio and log in to the server and open the server properties window and check the ‘Allow remote connections to this server’ option as by the figure below :


2. Second one is to enable TCP/IP protocol for the SQL Sever, we can do this from the computer management studio. Go to controlpanel enter into Administrative Tools click and open the computer management studio and click on the ‘Protocols for MSSQLSERVER’ node and right click on the TCP/IP from the right side studio and make TCP/IP enable as shown by the picture below :

Can't connect remote sql server

Now try to connect the SQL server remotely, Hope now it will be available to remote clients.


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