How to use Singleton pattern

Main theme of Singleton Pattern is there will be only one instance of a class. In the below example there is no way to create multiple instance of the class SingletonPatternTest

public class SingletonPatternTest
static SingletonPatternTest oSingletonPatternTest;

public int Count

private SingletonPatternTest()


public static SingletonPatternTest GetInstance()
if (oSingletonPatternTest == null)
oSingletonPatternTest = new SingletonPatternTest();

return oSingletonPatternTest;

 SingletonPatternTest oSingletonPatternTest  = SingletonPatternTest.GetInstance(); /*This always returns the same instance*/


 SingletonPatternTest oSingletonPatternTestNew  = SingletonPatternTest.GetInstance();

Response.Write(“Count”+oSingletonPatternTestNew.Count.ToString()); /*This will write count value as 10*/


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