Data/Database migration in MySQL

Introduction: MySQL workbench used to migrate data from source database server to destination database server. The detail information card of MySQL Workbench is given below:


Figure 1: MySQLWorkBench Card

Add Source and destination server connection into Workbench.


Figure 2: Add Source and Destination

After adding source and destination connection.


Figure 3: Shows source and destination connection

Data will be migrated from Source server to Destination. So double click on the Source server. Now select migrate from the menu DatabaseàMigrate.


Figure 4: Choose Migrate

Now click on the start migration button.


Figure 5: Start Migration

Provide source information.


Figure 6: Provide source information

If the connection is tested successfully then click the next button. Now provide the destination information. And test it. If test successfully then click the next button.


Figure 7: Provide destination

Now wait for the ‘Schema Fetch list completion’. And after that click next button.


Figure 8: Fetch Schema list

Now select the DB to that you want to migrated from Source server to destination. After that click Next button.


Figure 9: Select the DB to migrate

After clicking next button wait to finish the ‘Reverse Engineer Source’.


Figure 10: Reverse Engineer Source

After finished click Next button. Now comes the sources object selection window, select the object that wanted to be migrated.


Figure 11: Source object selection

Click Next button. Now migration step starts. After finishing the selection of objects to migrate, click Next button. Manual editing step starts, in my case it results nothing. So clicking Next button. Opens the target creation option step.


Figure 12: Target Creation option

Now starts the ‘Create Schemata’ step. Wait to finish it. And click ‘Next Button’. Starts the ‘Create Target Results’ window. Click Next button. Opens the data transfer setup window.


Figure 13: Data transfer setup

After providing all the desired setup information, click Next button to start data transfer. Wait to complete the data transfer.